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Design your bespoke Club T-Shirt

Love our T-shirts?  Use our Club Gear service to really make them your own!

How it works

1. You choose one of our five available unisex T-shirt design/colour combos.

2. You tell us the name of your club or group, and the name of your trip or event. These will be printed below the logo on your bespoke T-shirts.

3. You tell us how many bespoke T-shirts you want, in which sizes. The minimum order is 4 T-shirts in your bespoke design.

4. We have your bespoke T-shirts printed and delivered to your UK ordering address.

Good to know:
Because these garments are custom designs printed especially for you, they are non-returnable unless faulty.
If you’re wanting T-shirts to wear on your Crieff Cloverleaf trip, please order them at least 4 weeks in advance of your visit.

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