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Guided Rides with Kona from Crieff Cloverleaf. Book now to explore more of beautiful Scotland by motorbike.

FAQ: Questions about guided day rides

How much riding is involved in one of your guided rides?

Our day rides, including our Super Scotland routes and Lucky Dip days, typically involve five to six hours of riding time, plus stops.

In general we aim to leave Crieff by 10am and to be back between 5:30pm and 6:30pm.

If you’re using our Bespoke Guided Ride service, we can arrange shorter (or indeed longer!) days to suit you and your group.

We may occasionally need to adjust our planned routes, due to circumstances beyond our control such as roadworks, traffic problems or severe weather.

Is there any off-road riding in your guided rides?

No, our day rides stick to paved public roads.  The road surface on some of the minor roads can be a bit ratty though, so you should expect to encounter occasional hazards such as grit, mud, damaged road surface, loose stones etc.

If you’re using our Bespoke Guided Ride service, we can optionally take you on the Three Lochs Forest Drive (a good quality gravel road with a 10mph speed limit), or offer an “ADV” detour featuring some remote country roads with more challenging road conditions.

Will we be stopping for visits at tourist attractions?

No, our day rides are usually “pure motorcycling” experiences, involving full-day distances on the bikes. We’ll usually have mid-morning, lunch and mid-afternoon food and comfort breaks, but the rest of the day we’ll be riding.

If you like to do a lot of off-bike sightseeing, these are probably not the right rides for you.

Will we stop often to take scenic photos or exciting selfies?

Generally, no. Because our rides involve full-day distances, we won’t usually be stopping except for our scheduled refreshment and comfort breaks.  We may stop the whole group for the occasional “iconic” photo opportunity, if time permits and it’s safe to do so.

What kind of riding pace should I expect on your guided rides?

Our guided rides will observe all speed limits (noting that on many minor roads, the safe pace is less than the nominal speed limit anyway).  If sticking to the speed limit will really annoy you, you probably won’t enjoy riding with us.

For a Lucky Dip day ride, we will ride at a moderate touring pace to keep the group together (and to accommodate smaller-capacity bikes). If necessary we will reduce pace to ensure that all riders are safely within their confidence and capability. However, please note that our Lucky Dip day rides are not suitable for inexperienced or nervous riders. If you have any doubts about whether the pace will suit you, please contact us for advice before booking.

If you strongly prefer a more progressive ride, and experience frustration when riding at less than your preferred pace, you should consider using our Bespoke Guided Ride service instead of joining a Lucky Dip ride. We can offer a more progressive riding style on our bespoke rides, including the option for your group to apply a drop-off system if that’s what you’re used to. (We don’t use the drop-off system ourselves, but we’re happy for one of your group to act as “secondary leader” and manage drop-offs for the rest of the group).

What's the maximum group size on your guided rides?

For a Lucky Dip day ride, we take a maximum of five customer bikes (so that’s a group of six bikes including the leader).

For Bespoke Guided Rides, we generally take bookings for up to six bikes (so that’s a group of seven including the leader). If your riding group has more than six people, we may still be able to help; please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Who leads your guided rides?

KonaOur principal ride leader is Kona Andrews Macphee, the designer of the Crieff Cloverleaf. Kona has been obsessed with motorbiking since she first got her licence in 1989. She’s a qualified motorcycle tour leader and DVSA Enhanced Rider, and has formal training in areas including first aid, advanced motorcycle roadcraft, off-road skills, track/advanced cornering skills and motorcycle maintenance.

FAQ: Questions about riders and bikes

How much riding experience do I need?

To join our guided day rides, you need to be an experienced rider, e.g. having ridden regularly for at least the past three years on a full motorcycle licence.

In particular:

  • You need to be able to negotiate bends safely and confidently on both faster country A roads and minor country byways.
  • You need to be able to overtake safely and confidently where reasonable opportunities exist, within the limitations of your bike.
  • You need to be confident to ease your bike past oncoming vehicles on single-track roads where clearance may be tight.
  • You need to be confident to tackle hill starts and steep, sharp bends on narrow roads.
  • You need to be bike-fit, to handle long days in the saddle.

Our guided day rides are NOT suitable for inexperienced or nervous riders.

What kind of motorcycle licence do I need?

You need to have a full Category A motorcycle licence or international equivalent, and to have held it for at least 3 years.

What kind of motorbike do I need?

For our Lucky Dip days, your bike should have an engine capacity of at least 250cc.

For our Bespoke Guided Ride service, we can accommodate smaller bikes such as 125s, but ride distances will be shortened accordingly.

We recommend you come on a bike that’s comfortable for you to ride all day, and on which you feel confident to tackle steep or narrow roads with tight bends.

Does my bike need off-road (knobbly) tyres?

No, ordinary road-going touring tyres are fine for our guided day rides. We wouldn’t recommend aggressively smooth sport tyres, due to the chance of surface debris on minor country roads.

Do you have a support vehicle if my bike breaks down?

No, we don’t have a support vehicle. Please organise your own roadside rescue cover.

I have an electric motorbike, can I ride it on your day rides?

No, with apologies, we can only take petrol-engined motorcycles at the moment, due to the distances involved and the lack of charging facilities.

I have a three-wheeler, can I ride it on your day rides?

No, with apologies, our routes are optimised for two-wheeled motorbikes.  We can’t currently accommodate three-wheelers such as trikes or bikes with sidecars.

Do you offer motorcycle hire?

We don’t at present, but if you need to hire a bike, we can help put you in touch with hire companies that can help.

FAQ: Questions about money and insurance

What's your cancellation and refund policy?

You can read our cancellation policy and charges in our T&Cs.

We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance including cancellation cover so you won’t be out of pocket if you have to withdraw from an event you’ve booked.

What insurance do I need?

Obviously, your bike needs to be insured with at least third-party cover in accordance with UK road laws.

You should also organise your own roadside rescue cover, and if necessary your own travel insurance policy. Please check that your travel insurance covers you when you’re riding a motorcycle, and that it includes suitable emergency medical cover (and medical repatriation cover if necessary).

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