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    Private contact information

    We ask for this information in case we need to contact you about your photo.
    We won't show this private contact information in the public Hall of Fame gallery.
    We'll hang onto your details for as long as your photo is displayed in our Hall of Fame.
    If you want your photo removed from the Hall of Fame, no problem - just contact us to let us know!

    Public Hall of Fame information

    The information you provide in this section may be shared publicly on this website, or on our social media feeds.
    If you're wanting to send us private or confidential feedback, go ahead and contact us instead.

    This can be just your first name, or a nickname, if you prefer.

    Send us a JPEG photo, maximum size 10Mb. Please check that every person visible in the photo is happy for it to be shared with the world - we know some bikers are shy and retiring…

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