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GPX Files For Grumpy Garmin

GPX for Garmins

Got a grumpy Garmin? Try these GPX files for Garmin instead…

Trying to distribute GPX files that will play nicely with all satnavs and navigation apps is a bit of a challenge…

Last summer, by rider request, we updated our GPX download bundle to include a merged GPX file for each of the four Crieff Cloverleaf routes. (Previously, we’d only released separate GPX files for each individual leg of each of the routes).

Annoyingly, because these merged GPX files start and finish at the same point here in Crieff, some Garmin devices seem to get a bit confused by them. Cloverleaf rider Phil C has kindly prepared some merged GPX files for the four Crieff Cloverleaf routes especially for Garmins – thanks Phil!

Download Phil’s Garmin files

Looking for the standard Crieff Cloverleaf GPX bundle or waypoints files? Here they are.

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