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New GPX Files To Help You Navigate The Crieff Cloverleaf

You asked for it – merged GPX!

You’ve asked, so we’ve updated our GPX tracks.

We’ve been amazed at all the different technologies motorcyclists use to plan and navigate their routes, from GPX tracks to waypoints to good old-fashioned maps to following their noses and asking for directions!

Our initial GPX download bundle (v1.0) included individual GPX tracks for each leg of each of the four Cloverleaf routes (16 in total). The idea behind per-leg tracks is that they finish near fuel or food stops, or suitable parking places, to help you find what you need on your rest breaks.

We’ve heard that lots of you would prefer to use a single GPX track for each all-day ride, so we’ve just updated our GPX download bundle to version 1.0.1, to include four new GPX files. These new files provide one continuous GPX track for each of the four main Crieff Cloverleaf routes.

Download the latest Crieff Cloverleaf GPX file bundle

Listed below are the files you’ll find in the 1.0.1 GPX release, including the new additions. (NB We haven’t changed the waypoints download bundle, which is still at version 1.0.) As ever, if you notice any issues with the GPX files or have any trouble downloading the, please do get in touch!

File name Description
north_all.gpx NEW! – Crieff Cloverleaf North in one GPX track
north1.gpx North Leg 1: Crieff – Braemar
north2.gpx North Leg 2: Braemar – Nethy Bridge
north3.gpx North Leg 3: Nethy Bridge – Kinloch Rannoch
north4.gpx North Leg 4: Kinloch Rannoch – Crieff
west_all.gpx NEW! – Crieff Cloverleaf West in one GPX track
west1.gpx West Leg 1: Crieff – Tyndrum
west2.gpx West Leg 2: Tyndrum – Taynuilt
west3.gpx West Leg 3: Taynuilt – Arrochar
west4.gpx West Leg 4: Arrochar – Crieff
south_all.gpx NEW! – Crieff Cloverleaf South in one GPX track
south1.gpx South Leg 1: Crieff – Abington Services
south2.gpx South Leg 2: Abington Services – Peebles
south3.gpx South Leg 3: Peebles – Kincardine Way Services
south4.gpx South Leg 4: Kincardine Way Services – Crieff
east_all.gpx NEW! – Crieff Cloverleaf East in one GPX track
east1.gpx East Leg 1: Crieff – Alyth
east2.gpx East Leg 2: Alyth – Newburgh
east3.gpx East Leg 3: Newburgh – Falkland
east4.gpx East Leg 4: Falkland – Crieff
ll-northeast.gpx Little Leaf Northeast
ll-northwest.gpx Little Leaf Northwest
ll-southeast.gpx Little Leaf Southeast
ll-southwest.gpx Little Leaf Southwest
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