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Travel Restrictions
The coo queue, awaiting gates-open. (Or a haircut.) Image by Jeremy Bristow.

The latest travel restrictions

Scotland is taking tentative steps out of lockdown. Here’s the latest on travel restrictions for motorcyclists who are waiting (im)patiently to ride the Crieff Cloverleaf.
Yesssss! As of tomorrow, Friday 2nd April, Scotland’s “Stay at home” rule moves to “Stay local”.

What this change means for bikers in SCOTLAND

As of Friday 2nd April 2021, recreational motorcycling is allowed again in Scotland! However, it’s only allowed on a “stay local” basis, which means that you have to remain within your own council area. (Great for those of us in Perth and Kinross and other fabulous rural counties. Bit pants for those in the Central Belt, sorry guys!)

The “stay local” rule means that the Crieff Cloverleaf routes are not yet open, as indicated on our Covid-19 status page.

So, for bikers in Scotland, the next three weeks are a good chance to get your bike out, go for a local pootle and get your bike head back on after a winter on the sofa!

What this change means for bikers in THE REST OF THE UK

Sorry guys, the “stay local” rule means that recreational biking visits to Scotland aren’t yet allowed.

The same is true for visitors from outside the UK.

What’s afoot next?

As things stand, Scotland is still on track for a further easing of travel restrictions on 26th April, when travel throughout mainland Scotland may possibly be allowed.

However, Covid-19 rates seem to have reached a plateau in Scotland. If they start to rise again over the next three weeks, the further planned easing of restrictions later in April may be pushed back – we’ll keep you posted.

It’s also not yet clear what the border rules will be on 26th April, which will affect riders from outside Scotland wanting to come in. Again, we’ll let you know when we hear anything.

Fingers crossed!

Also, just sayin’….

As of next week, HAIRCUT! No more Heilan’ Coo Hair!!

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