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Twin Share Rooms Are Allowed

Level off and get sharing!

Great news! All of Scotland has now moved out of the Covid-19 Levels system, and twin-shares are allowed.

Ever since the first lockdown in March 2020, there have been ongoing restrictions in Scotland on travel, hospitality and public get-togethers. Most recently, we’ve had Levels-based local restrictions, and we’re delighted to announce that as of Monday 9th August 2021, all of Scotland has exited Level 0 and left the levels system behind.

For Crieff Cloverleaf visitors, the best piece of news is that twin-share rooms are allowed again for people from different households. If you’re riding the Cloverleaf with a mate or in a group, our very popular RoomLink service can now help you find twin-share rooms to keep costs down. (Double and single rooms are still an option too, of course!)

There are a few measures staying in place in Scotland to keep everyone safe. The main thing for touring bikers to be aware of is that face coverings must still be worn in indoor public places (and on public transport, though we guess you won’t be needing that!) Don’t worry though – an ordinary biker neck tube is an acceptable face covering. Just pull it up over your mouth and nose and you’re good to go indoors.

We’re told that the long-range weather forecast for later in August is looking good, so get your RoomLink enquiries in now! We still have a handful of great-value B&B rooms with private parking available in August and September. For the best chance of bagging your biker-friendly beds, give us a flexible date range and we’ll do our bikerly best to fit you in.

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