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Long Way Round - Link To Crieff Cloverleaf
Image credit: Tony Hisgett, CC BY 2.0

The Long Way Round Link

Why the average biker has probably heard of Crieff already, even if they’re not quite sure why!

As any motorcyclist who hasn’t been asleep for the past twenty years will know, back in 2004 actor Ewan McGregor and his best mate Charley Boorman set off on the Long Way Round. This was a 19,000 mile journey, with TV crew in tow, that circumnavigated the earth on BMW R1150GS bikes (oops, KTM.)

Ewan and Charley weren’t the first long-distance motorcycle travellers. (Check out this comprehensive list of adventurers at Wikipedia.) They weren’t even the first people to share their RTW story with the world. (For example, there was Ted Simon’s much-loved book Jupiter’s Travels, and Austin Vince’s gonzo Mondo Enduro series.) However, Long Way Round was an unprecedented global success, encouraging many more riders than ever before to plan their own epic bike adventures, and making the “Big GS” one of the best-selling bike models to this day.

If you’ve watched any of the Long Way series, you’ll have noticed how often Ewan mentions Scotland, and how much he loves riding motorbikes here. (Yes, we agree!) If you’ve really paid attention, you might also have noted that our town of Crieff, home base for the Crieff Cloverleaf, is also Ewan McGregor’s hometown. Yes, that’s where you heard of it! What a perfect pedigree for Scotland’s perfect motorcycle touring destination…

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